Faro Airport

Faro airport (Ident: ZFA - Elevation: 2351 ASL) has a 4000" x 100' gravel runway with lights (ARCAL enabled) and provides hourly weather reports filed with Environment Canada. The airport is manned 7 days a week, and provides Flight Plan filing (through Whitehorse Flight Services). The airport is adjacent to Johnson Lake, which is used as a float plane base (6000 feet). Both Faro Airport and Johnson Lake are listed in the Canada Flight Supplement and Aerodrome Flight Supplement respectively. Tie downs and plug-ins for aircraft are available.

Faro Airport Services
  • Emergency Services
  • Air and Ground Communication Services
  • Weather Observation Service
  • Flight Planning Service
  • Communications, Equipment and NAVAIDs Services
  • Aerodrome Status Reporting Service
  • Administrative Service
Phone: (867) 994-2791

Yukon Government Department of Highways and Public Works Yukon Government Aviation Information