Hundreds of kilometers of trails...

Enjoy the great powder snow that covers our land in wintertime. The many trails around town make Faro a great snowmobiling destination. Hundreds of kilometers of pathways through the wilderness, and majestic mountain views over valleys, lakes and rivers make for a perfect day of fun.

Temperatures can be extreme and may vary strongly depending on time of year and altitude. Wear several layers of warm clothing and proper foot and head gear. Remember, it's better to have to take some clothing off than to not have enough to put on. When going on longer trips, be sure to bring extra supplies such as water, nutritious food and emergency gear.

It is recommended not to travel alone on long trips. In case of an accident or technical failure a travel companion will be helpful and could prevent fatal situations. According to Law your snowmobile should have proper insurance and licensing.

The people of Faro will gladly share their trails with you. Please be respectful to fellow trail users such as hikers and cross country skiers and stay on the trails.

Safety Tips
  • Wear appropriate clothing and be prepared for weather changes
  • Carry spare fuel
  • Bring enough food and drinks
  • Let someone know where you plan to go and when you are expected to be back
  • Do not travel alone

For more information

Campbell Region Interpretive Centre
Mailing address: P.O. Box 580, Faro, YT, Y0B 1K0
Street address: Campbell Street
(867) 994-2288 (seasonal)
(867) 994-2728 (off season)