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Mayor and Council

Mayor Leonard Faber
My wife and I were born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan. I am from a family of six, two boys and four girls. My father was a railroad worker and my mother was a house wife also taking of 52 foster children which she cared for at least three months at a time.
I started my industrial career at a solution mine outside Regina and worked there for eighteen years. This is where I obtained my Second-Class Power Engineer Certificate and my Journey Man Millwright ticket.
I came to Faro in late 1989 to work in the heating plant at the Faro Mine Site. I left Faro in May of 1993 when the mine closed.
I bought our retirement home in 2005 and have lived in Faro since then. I love what Faro does not have, planes, trains, sirens and violence. This where I plan on living for the rest of my life.

Councillor Tina Freake

Councillor Pat McCracken
I came to Faro in 1975, from Winnipeg Manitoba.  Once I was here for a few short weeks I knew I would be calling Faro home.  I started working for the mine in 1975 and starting working for the Town of Faro in  1979. 

I have enjoyed working for theTown Of Faro and  the people of Faro for over 30 years.  I started out as the mechanic for 4 years, under Bud Mckay and Town Manager, Rudy Couture.  After Bud’s retirement, I moved into the Foreman’s position until my retirement.  My wife Barb and I enjoy fishing, camping and traveling the Yukon.  I look forward to being able to continue  working for the town and the people of Faro as your Councillor.

Councillor Cheryl Stubbs
I wish to introduce myself. My name is Cheryl Stubbs I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. After marrying my first husband and having 2 wonderful girls I was introduced to farming and loved it. A short time later we had to return to Calgary. At the age of 26 after meeting my second husband Edward we were married and chose to move to Saskatchewan. A few years later we added our son to the family. We immersed ourselves in a successful farming operation. The complexities and process of farming offered marketing in the agricultural environment; it provided a unique with varied opportunities for skills development. During this time, I was led to the Auctioneering business.  I acquired my Auctioneering Diploma and opened and ran an auction business for two and a half years until my husband's illness. The next 5 years were spent attending to my husband and family, extended families and farming needs. Upon his death I remained on the farm with the help of our son and daughters.  I chose to work off the farm, this gave me the opportunity to include Financial Management and Human Resources, as well as all aspectsof Retail Sales,and this included invoicing, cash control, and claims. I participated in Health and Safety for Construction Development.
I have raised 3 wonderful children and now have added a daughter In-law and 4 grandchildren. Moving here has offered me the opportunity to enjoy all that Faro and the Yukon has to offer.This is a wonderful place of natural beauty and a safe place to be.

Councillor Lisa Snyder
I was born in Whitehorse but moved away at a very early age. My parents kept the magic of the Yukon alive for me and in 2001 I found my opportunity to return.  I lived in Marsh Lake for 8 years during which time Vince and I took a trip to Faro. We both thought it was a beautiful Town and two years after that visit we sold our house and moved here.

Since moving here in 2008 I have continued on with my bookkeeping company as well as working at the mine.  I volunteer with the Golf Club and love to tell "outsiders” about our unique golf course. Faro is a great place to live with many outdoor activities available, affordable housing, and safety and I have been happy to settle in here and contribute to the community whenever I can.

 In 2014 I ran on a bi-election for Councillor.  I was acclaimed and my education started then. There was a lot to learn about how Council and the municipality worked and I found it very rewarding.   I have just been elected on my second full term and am looking forward to serving the Town of Faro residents for another 3 years.