Public Library

The library is a joint school-public library operated by Yukon Public Libraries. Therefore, we have much to offer our public and school members in the way of a bigger collection of books, magazines, videos and books on tapes. The library has books for children, as well as adults. There is the Northern Collection, which is unique to the Yukon Public Library system. We also have books written in French, Russian, Czech, and Spanish.

While the library may be small, the access to books and information is large. With a free universal borrower's card one can drop into any Yukon Public Library and take out materials. If you can not find the book you want, we are able to borrow books from other libraries across Canada through the national interlibrary loan system. If it is in print we can possibly get it. Come try us and see what you can find.

The library also offers free internet access. The internet computer has been provided by Industry Canada, through the Community Access Program. One can either book their time by phone or by dropping into the library. Times of use are in half hour intervals.

The library also has a new computer that was provided through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that offers children the choice of either playing educational games or having books read to them. The computer also has Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint and Access for adult use.

Drop in and say hi.
There is an OPEN neon sign that is located in the window for when the library is open. The library is located at the end of Del Van Gorder School on Bell Avenue.

For more information
(867) 994-2684