Faro is located in Central South Eastern Yukon, legendary for its hunting opportunities. Access is by both road and air. The hundreds of kilometers of trails and line cuts make easy access to the surrounding mountains and lakes.

The sparsely human populated land mass and the health of wildlife population makes Faro one of the world's finest areas for hunting. Europeans and Americans have considered the Yukon to be amongst the best hunting areas around.

With hunting access virtually at your doorstep, whether by foot, quad or snowmobile, you can hunt for large game such as moose, caribou, sheep, grizzly and black bears, or medium sized game such as wolves and wolverines.

Before heading out to hunt in the Faro area, be sure to check out hunting regulations and fire arms regulations. Information about hunting can be found by following the link to the Yukon Government Department of Environment website below and by picking up a hunting regulations brochure at one of the Yukon Government Offices. For more information please consult the Conservation Office in Faro at 867-994-2862.