Northern Lights

Mystic Skies over Faro
People from all cultures and all periods of history who have witnessed the Northern Lights have tried to capture their beauty in words, paintings, and photographs. The majestic display of the Aurora Borealis somehow defies the ability to describe their magnificence, and even photographs have not been able to do them justice.

All we can do is try and entice you to visit Faro (which is on the 100th percentile viewing line for them) and experience their dancing and flowing across the night sky for yourself.

While you're here, if you wish to try to capture them on film for yourself, those of us who have tried (and sometimes succeeded) have a few tips for you:

Film : 100 - 400 ASA
F Stop: 1.4
Lens: 50mm
Exposure time: 10 to 15 seconds
Some, or all of these tips may work for you, but you will nonetheless have to "be creative" to get that truly wondrous picture that you can show to all your friends!

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