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50th Anniversary 2019

The 50th Anniversary of the Town of Faro is coming up in 2019!
Events will be planned throughout the year,but save the week of  June 28 until July 7 for our big reunion extravaganza! 
Info will be available on our website, Facebook page and newsletter as it develops.
Or for questions : faroisturning50@gmail.com

Share your stories
Faro's 50th Anniversary is coming up, and Katy would like to hear from you!
Katy Peeling is compiling a book of stories to be shared and published for the 50th Anniversary in 2019. Please send your stories, memories and photos to Katy at by using this form GOT A STORY?
Camping Sites 
RV park and camping site are going fast, make sure you book your place soon !! 
You can make your reservation at: cric@faroyukon.ca